About Thomsen

Mr. Lorenz THOMSEN, a sleep expert and researcher, established the brand “THOMSEN” in 1979.

We have perpetually strived to improve our standards and quality over the last over 40 years and continue to do so, to provide ultimate sleep experience to our customers. To achieve this we continuously innovate and offer unique products to our customers. We offer products that provide optimum sleep comfort and ensure that every day starts energized…>>read more


Thomsen uses Vita Talalay Latex is loaded with numerous health benefits. The more of the natural material in your mattress, the more support your body will receive. Meaning, the pressure points in your body will receive more relief, allowing you to wake up fresh.>>read more

Vita talalay Latex Mattress Collection

Somnio Memory Foam Mattress Collection


The innovative SOMNIO Ocean mattress has been developed by THOMSEN
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The SOMNIO Tranquil mattresses are designed to provide a sumptuous
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The SOMNIO Emotion mattresses are specially designed for people
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Pillow Collection

Premium Quality Product Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” products are known for their trustworthy quality. All of our mattresses, ergonomic and orthopedic pillows and the accessories are manufactured in Germany.>>read more

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