Vita Talalay

Vita Talalay is highly well-ventilated, ensures the best sleep environment. The ideal bedroom temperature to fall asleep is between 15 to 20 °C. Thomsen’s Vita Talalay mattresses have an open cell structure that prevents our customer to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The ventilation promotes a hygienic and healthy sleep environment by preventing sweating and reducing dust and mite,

What is a Talalay?

What matters the most is what is inside your mattress, that is the secret to a healthy sleep. For the same reason, we produce the highest and the best quality of natural latex foam. We care about the environment, hence we harvest the best natural latex from the rubber tree. These trees uptake an enormous amount of carbon dioxide from the air. It allows you to enjoy to be environmental conscious and enjoy a healthy sleep.

Why a Mattress with Vita Talalay?


The open cell structure present in the Vita Talalay Latex allow optimal ventilation for your body. The open cell structure are constantly breathing, allowing you to feel warm during winter and cool during summer.

Supports your spine

Vita Talalay mattress creates the perfect alignment for the spine. It relieves the body’s pressure points and gives support to the body. Regardless of the sleeping position, the mattress is ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers. We do not believe in sleeping well, but sleeping healthy.


Our Vita Talay mattress gives you a feeling of sleeping on the clouds. The bounciness allow you to move around by creating a weightless sensation. The mattress comes with a no motion quality, allowing you to jump on the bed all night long while your partner can sleep peacefully.

Dust Mite Resistant

Vita Talalay mattress is ant-dust and mite by nature. It is perfect for people with Asthma and dust allergies. it a natural resistance to dust mites, so you never have to fear about keeping your mattress clean.


About latex

Latex is a great material for mattresses. It is made with the sap that is extracted with care from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). It is the healthiest choice available in the market. It is 100% natural with no chemicals, unlike non-latex mattresses. Non- latex mattresses contain petroleum-based foams, it releases toxic chemicals as they age. Vita Talalay is naturally cooling, while non-latex has to add chemicals to keep it cool.

About Talalay

The latex mixture is filled with air and injected in a mould. Later, it is expanded through a vaccum before being flash frozen at -30°C. The process enables to keep the shape round. Later it i baked at 115°C . It is then washed, dried and then tested for the quality control.

How is vita Talalay superior

Vita Talalay Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress Dunlop Latex
Derived from the rubber tree. Hence, pure and natural. Derived from oil, making it synthetic. mix of natural and synthetic or natural
Keeps the spine aligned and relieves the pressure points Gives you little support by making you sink in. Supportive but too firm and not cushiony
Soft yet supportive. Feels like sleeping on air. Feels like quick sand, making you feel sink in and moulding Feels very firm and not soft
Highly breathable because of open cells, allows ventilation. Very Minimal – no ventilation, attracting a hot sleep and bacteria niche. Less air circulation and ventilation.
No motion transfer You feel stuck Easy to turn without partner disturbance.
High pressure relief.It embraces you. Good pressure relief. Firmness can keep the small parts of body hanging.
Keeps you warm during winter and cold during summer. Hard when cold, too soft when warm. Consistent feel.
Naturally antibacterial. Too dense for anti-allergy properties. Denser, warmer, creates more humidity.
Free of toxic chemicals. Chemicals used. Very strong chemical smell, especially when new. Depending on the recipe. General no harmful off gassing.
Highly durable, round cells always bounce back into its original shape. It becomes excessively soft due to warmth and humidity. No round cells.
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