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“Earth’s most perfect sleep material”, yes that is what the supreme Talalay latex is renowned as. The unique natural latex is mainly extracted from the finest rubber tree and then processed with natural biodegradable ingredients that originate from renewable sources. Unfettered to being an inherently hypoallergenic material and tremendously safe, latex is irrefutably one of the most desirable sleeping materials as it is known to deliver an exclusive buoyant quality which relaxes muscles and relieves tension profusely, lifting away the pressures of the day as you catch some doze. The ardent sleep researchers at Thomsen being the best Talalay latex mattress manufacturer in India would like to throw some light on how superior Talalay Latex is the best.

Safe & Healthy

AS the leading mattress brand with Vita Talalay latex we can vouch that The Talalay latex used by Thomsen is certified as Oeko-Tex Class I, which is the highest rating possible. This prestigious certification verifies that each and every latex product is free from any harmful substances and is tremendously safe. The statistics have revealed that very few latex or foam manufacturers in the world are able to meet the high standards of this independent, third-party certification. Futhermore, the talalay latex also goes through an intensive cleansing and rinsing process which makes it the healthiest and the safest sleep product in the world.

Optimal support to follow the contours of your body

An integral part to enjoying a good night’s sleep is comfort and staying comfortable throughout. Thomsen latex mattresses provide optimal support and cloud like softness. To delineate, the supreme Talalay latex mattress keep your spine and back perfectly aligned while also cradling your pressure points. This way, your muscles get truly pampered after a tedious day of supporting you. Latex mattresses are the best when it comes to comfort as Thomsen ensures you will be able to relish your sleep for a longer period without waking up during the night as you remain comfortable at all times.

Highly breathability: stays cool in summers and warm in winter

Studies have revealed that Latex mattresses are extremely breathable in comparison to other comfort materials. Traditional mattresses tend to get hot and unbearable throughout the seasons as they respond to your body heat. Whereas, Thomsen Latex mattresses, allow a gargantuan amount of air to flow and penetrate through it. This in turn, allows the comfort material to breathe as you breathe in order to create and maintain the perfect and the most comfortable sleep temperature at all times. So now sleep cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

We as the leading mattress brands wit Talalay latex can vouch that this latex has perfectly round and open cells thanks to the exquisite and meticulous production process, which others are bereft of.

Hypoallergenic: Bid adios to dust mites

Thomsen mattress are anti-dust and mite resistant. This advantage of a latex mattress is also connected to its feature of high breathability. While the natural latex is innately hypoallergenic, the air flow that is meticulously engineered also ensures the comfort material stays dry at all times. As we all are aware that Dust mites need damp and dark areas to nest in, we cause an impediment and make it impossible within a latex mattress. Dunlop mattress is four times less breathable than Talalay latex. Because of this chance of a lot of diseases such as UTI also gets plummet.

The eco-friendly choice

Its high time we shift to sustainable choices and think about the planet too. The natural latex mattresses are the best eco-friendly choice. It is because these are often made of natural latex, which is biodegradable and are obtained from sustainable, fair and transparent sources. Furthermore, rubber trees are the absolute best when carbon sequestration is concerned. Every bit comes from sustainable sources and there are zero artificial additives or fillers are used to manufacture it. In addition, the production process of it takes up more CO2 than being released!

Author is Anil Gupta, Chairman, Thomsen Germany, who is an expert in the mattress and pillow industry.
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