We understand the indian market and the problems faced by the Indians while sleeping.

Thomsen Air

Thomsen Bliss

Thomsen Paradise

Thomsen luxus

THOMSEN Collection


The THOMSEN Air mattress with a soft-configuration includes a specially
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The THOMSEN bliss mattress comes with a medium configuration
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The THOMSEN Paradise mattress with a firm, supportive feel
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The THOMSEN Luxus mattresses are the purest Talalay experience
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Thomsen 8 inch (5 cm latex)

The Thomsen 8 inch latex has a soft, medium and firm configuration
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Thomsen Baby Mattress

Designed to provide comfortable and healthy sleep with its unique
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Vita Talalay for relaxed sleep

Unique material that has great elasticity and bounce with a tender feel. It adapts gently to the individual body contours so the spine is kept in an anatomically correct position, & the muscles are relaxed.

Climate Comfort System

Offers optimal sleeping climate in the bed and ensures a comfortable, dry and hygienic sleeping environment through its optimal ventilation, temperature and moisture regulation.

Supportive and back pain relieving

The open and round cell structure creates superior point-elasticity, adapts to the body shape and provides pinpoint support to spine and joints for relaxed muscles and relief from back pain.

Improved blood circulation

Large, pressure-relieving surface area provides improved blood circulation.

High breathability

World’s most breathable comfort foam with temperature and moisture regulating properties.

Anti dust mite, mold and mildew proof

Suitable for allergysensitive people. Creates healthier sleep environment.

Conforms to Oeko Tex 100

Free from CFC, formaldehyde and harmful substances. Safe for the baby skin.

No Motion Transfer

No disturbance due to movement of the sleeping partner. Due to the natural bounce, effortless change in the body posture during sleep.

Washable Cover made with technical Fabric

Soft and cushy cover made with path-breaking technologies (Purotex, Adaptive & Tencel) to control bacteria, moisture and temperature.


Certified by the LGA Institute. 10 year warranty.*

*Terms and conditions apply

What our customer have to say!

  • The bed feels just so..soooo solid, yet soft. Exactly what I need to feel safe and fall asleep: a sense of stability, yet also a welcoming sense of “falling into” the bed. Highly recommend the Thomsen Air. Thank you for creating an awesome product.

    Shamvil Raza
  • The wonderful, unexpected benefit of sleeping on the Air is that I am comfortable sleeping on my back again! I had always been a side sleeper, but my hips hurt sleeping on my old coil mattress. I had heard the Air aws good for all types of sleepers—which made me buy it — but I have had my best and most restorative sleep on my back. I wake up fresh.

    Rajan Singh
  • I have been sleeping much better since I purchased my Luxus mattress. It is firmer than my previous mattress. I suffer from pain in both shoulders and neck and the pain has been subsided since I bought the mattress. I am sleepi ng longer without interruption. For me, purchasing this mattress was a good move.

    Monika Sharma
  • I love my new Thomsen bed. My old mattress gave me back pain but now I no longer have that problem. The Thomsen mattress is incredibly comfortable!

    Sushmita Handa
  • Shopped around and finally found what I was looking for with the Thomsen! I'm a back sleeper but I have found Total comfort sleeping in all positions with NO stiffness or soreness around the cervical regions! I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Highly recommended

    Pooja Singh
  • I've been deciding, for about a month, which mattress brand to purchase. I've looked at YouTube reviews on comparisons between Latex and Spring coils. My partner purchased the "air" 6 months ago, and loves it!! I decided to splurge and purchase "Thomsen Paradise. It's took me 2 weeks to got used to and it literally knocks me down to sleep. EVERYONE, including my partner says it's the softest mattress they've slept on. -Mohit Malhotra

  • I would give it 4.9 stars because of miniscule problem like it is slightly shorter than my bed size. But i guess its my fault, i did not give the proper size.

    Munmum Singh
  • Awesome mattress! Easily available and easy to sleep on

    Ruhiya M
  • Literally took my back pain away. Could not believe it.

    Amir Shazad
  • Top quality mattress, great value for money

    Deepshika Pandey
  • someone who used Somnio suggested me to try, its been very comfortable sleep since i got it. my family enjoys the comfort. the customer service is Excellent, very friendly approach. " i feel Somnio will take our sleep to the next level" .

    Durdana Khan
  • The mattress is good and comfortable. It is spongy, if you put weight at some point it feels like a spring mattress, as the body weight gets distributed evenly it feels less spongy but in a very comfortable way. It has been 2 months and the experience has been very good.

    Vineet Yadav
  • This review is based on 2 months of usage of the mattress. The mattress is good and we are very satisfied with it. The mattress looks beautiful, feel soft and you sleep peacefully. I am using this mattress in my room.  I am a happy customer.

    Rajesh Verma
  • This is a recommended mattress for stress free morning as you wake up fresh and stay fresh all day long.

    Nargiz manji
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