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The innovative SOMNIO Ocean mattress has been developed by THOMSEN
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The SOMNIO Tranquil mattresses are designed to provide a sumptuous
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The SOMNIO Emotion mattresses are specially designed for people
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THOMSEN Somnio mattresses

Superior memory foam

Superior Memory Foam Mattress for revitalizing and comfortable sleep.

Temperature sensitive

Responds to body temperature and adapts to body shape.

Pressure relieving and rejuvenating

Relieves pressure points, enhances the blood circulation and improves rejuvenation of muscles. Reduces tossing and turning at night that is essential for a deep and restful sleep.

Supportive and relaxing

Supports the spine and joints for relaxed muscles and relief from back and neck pain.

Oeko Tex 100

Free from harmful substances. Safe for baby skin also.

No motion transfer

No disturbance due to movement of the sleeping partner.

Washable Cover. Advanced performance Fabrics

Somnio mattresses are made with washable covers using advanced performance fabrics.
Tencel: a soft, natural and environment friendly fabric, that offers excellent moisture and temperature control properties.
Space technology
Foam made with Technology developed by NASA.
Durable 10 year warranty.*
Somnio mattress

Somnio mattress

  1. TENCEL COOLING COVER- Helps in circulating the air and absorb the heat of your body while you sleep.
  2. COOLING GEL MEMORY FOAM- Cooling gel infused in the mattress is more breathable, giving the extra loft and comfort. Distributes the weight evenly, offering cool and contouring support.
  3. ADAPTIVE HI CORE MEMORY FOAM- It supports the body by creating rebound and bounce. It contours the mattress to your pressure points. It shields the body from sinking in.
  4. BREATHABLE BASE LAYER- Supports the layer by reinforcing the contouring, giving the body a breathable and stable foundation.


  • Top quality mattress, great value for money

    Deepshika Pandey
  • someone who used Somnio suggested me to try, its been very comfortable sleep since i got it. my family enjoys the comfort. the customer service is Excellent, very friendly approach. " i feel Somnio will take our sleep to the next level" .

    Durdana Khan
  • The mattress is good and comfortable. It is spongy, if you put weight at some point it feels like a spring mattress, as the body weight gets distributed evenly it feels less spongy but in a very comfortable way. It has been 2 months and the experience has been very good.

    Vineet Yadav
  • This review is based on 2 months of usage of the mattress. The mattress is good and we are very satisfied with it. The mattress looks beautiful, feel soft and you sleep peacefully. I am using this mattress in my room.  I am a happy customer.

    Rajesh Verma
  • This is a recommended mattress for stress free morning as you wake up fresh and stay fresh all day long.

    Nargiz manji
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