Premium Quality Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” products are known for their trustworthy quality. All of our mattresses, ergonomic and orthopedic pillows and the accessories are manufactured in Germany. They are tailor made to the requirements of our customers and conform to the highest quality standards. All the materials used in production of our products are environmental friendly and free from harmful substances.

Be particular in everything that surrounds you in your sleep – so that you can relax.

When we sleep, we need comfortable and well-designed sleep products that would help us get a good sleep so we can wake up fresh and relaxed to begin every day with renewed energy. The climate regulating, supportive and pressure relieving mattresses and pillows from THOMSEN have unique properties that enable you to sleep relaxed every night:

  • Sensitive and highly elastic materials ensure pressure relieving, supportive and revitalizing sleep.
  • Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent climate regulating properties – so one does not sleep hot.
  • Pinpoint support for the optimal positioning of the spine and joints, resulting in relaxed muscles
  • Anti-allergic, anti-dust mite, as well as mould and mildew proof
  • Longer life span without deterioration in form or elasticity.

Everything for highest sleeping comfort – To help you find exactly the right thing.

THOMSEN ensures optimum sleep comfort.  Whether you are at home, on holiday or travelling – we have developed quality products, “ Made in Germany”, tailored to your specific needs. So we provide, for example, mattresses according to your individual bed sizes or as per your individual body weight.

Our pillows are also innovatively designed. You can freely adjust the height of Thomsen pillows with our “Vario” system so that you have a “thick” or “thin” pillow as per your preference.

We place a special emphasis on the quality of THOMSEN upholstery and use technologically advnaced fabrics in all our mattresses, pillows and toppers. This helps us create our Climate Control System, which ensures an optimal temperature regulated sleep environment, free from bacteria and humidity.

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