Will I take time to adjust to my Thomsen mattress?

With any new mattress, you are going to feel a bit different than the mattress you have been sleeping for years. If you buy a new type of mattress (for example: you were using a spring mattress and now you have a latex mattress) your body will need time to readjust to the new feel and material of the mattress. Your body was used to sleeping in an uncomfortable position that is highly not recommended. Initially, it will be uncomfortable to sleep on a mattress that corrects the old practice of multiple years. But soon after, your body will re-align and adjust itself to sleep in a healthy and optimum position, ensuring a restful, healthy and comfortable sleep.

Do I need to flip my mattress?

Thomsen mattress is layered deliberately and is not recommended to flip. Always keep the Talalay latex layer on top. Traditionally, mattresses had to be flipped because the foam or springs would “settle” and give in. The high quality materials used in the Thomsen mattresses ensure that the product last assuring that “flipping” mattresses is not required.

How do I clean my mattress?

Thomsen mattress are already well ventilated because of its open cell structure. But in order to remove stains, remove the cover and spot clean with mild detergent and warm water. In order to avoid shrinkage, we recommend you to not use dryer.

Does it have the same quality as International brands?

At Thomsen, we place a great emphasis on quality and service. It has been designed in one of the leading factories in Germany. Our focus is to always strive for the best quality. We pride ourselves at providing the best premium quality in the market.We have over 40 years of experience in providing the best quality mattress in the market. We promote sustainable businesses by promoting circular economy. We care about the world we live in, hence we use only non harmful material whilst no resources go to waste.

How often should i change my mattress?

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that after 10 years one should upgrade the mattress due to hygiene reasons. An average person can sweat up to one litre per night. All of this is absorbed by the mattress. In order to keep harmful bacteria at bay, it is recommended that you change your mattress after every 10-15 years.Thomsen products are exclusively developed with high quality materials that last more than a decade.

How should I sleep?

The materials used in the Thomsen range ensure that you get a healthy sleep, no matter what position you sleep in. Talalay latex ensures that your body gets ideal pressure relief and comfort at every point with its Targeted Point Elasticity (TPE) system. This also ensures that your partner is not disturbed due to the complete lack of motion transfer. The excellent climate regulating qualities of Talalay Latex is ideal for Indian conditions. It keeps you cool in the summers and warm in the winters.


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We are well aware that the current mattresses are either uncomfortable or harmful, leaving people with back pain and body aches.  Hence, we have decided to bring the German brand in the Indian market. One thing known for sure is nobody can beat the German quality. Our journey in search of a comfortable and luxurious mattress took us 12 months- in order to dive in deep to research about the supply chain and revolutionise the traditional mattress market inside out, starting from deciding the fabric used to the final product.>>read more

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