Mattress could have been ready in 12 days but we take 12 months to design a mattress!

              Beautifully crafted

Our Germany team invested an immense amount of time researching about the mattress and sleeping behaviour of people in India. Soon we realised in order to sustain in the Indian market, we need the Indian minds. We then hired a team locally to go out and about to conduct a research in India. We were made to learn that Indians are side sleepers and not resting their spine enough which leads to back pain.

Spring and Coir mattress in India has gained a tremendous amount of popularity.  However, it is less know that spring and coir mattress damage the bones by putting a pressure on spines. To elaborate, straight surfaces make the large parts of the body like hips and shoulders straight, leaving the smaller parts of the body such as neck and waist hanging in the air. That in return create a strain on our smaller parts that affects our cervical regions.

As we believe in luxury, we hire a team of Sleep ninjas,  who travelled across India, who researched about the industry and suggested a carefully designed material i.e Latex material and memory foam to save a millions of people suffering from sleeping pain and disorders. Of Course, our team was not happy with the hygiene standard maintained in the Indian household. Hence, we worked with experts to design a premium quality of cover. All the pain was to create the most comfortable mattress in India.

We love both Summers and Winters

We hate sweating in summers and shivering in winters as much as you! So her our experts helped us in designing the Latex mattress! Our open cell breathable structure of the mattress is well ventilated, it absorbs the heat and sweat of the body. At the same time, it has gel infused which understand the temperature of the body, providing both cooling and heating affect to the body, which is quite unlike in spring and coir mattress.

Straight spine

This one was tricky for us. Although latex is perfect for indians. However, to make the mattress firm, we have different options available to customise the mattress. There is always something available for everyone. Not only that, you can also just purchase the latex sheet from us to travel around with. How cool is that now?

Best material used in our mattress

Our mattress is made with love in India with world class material sourced from passionate entrepreneurs who are driven by commitment to deliver the best quality. Our latex comes from Germany, one of the leading factories in the world. German products are known for its quality, similarly our mattress is known for the density and consistency.  Not only that, but our covers are carefully designed, allowing our customers to wash it from time to time basis. Our mattress are ridiculously comfortable.

Your health matters to us as much as our health!

We spend one third of our lives sleeping on a mattress. Unlike International market, India does not follow the strict check for the presence of harmful chemicals in your mattress. Because the health matters a lot to us, we took the initiative to make the quality the best possible in the market by adhering to International guidelines and benchmarks.

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