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The word “latex” seems to be dominating the mattress industry and is gaining tremendous popularity for all the right reasons. We at Thomsen, as the best latex mattress brans with exclusive talalay latex in India would like to demystify the benefits of talalay latex – organic latex mattress.

 1. Optimal support -adapts to contours of your body

Profusely, having a good night’s sleep is comfort and to maintain that comfort through-out the night. Latex mattress exudes optimal support and softness. In fact, they caress and support your pressure points while keeping your spine and back perfectly aligned. This way, your muscles can absolutely relax in the profoundest of manner after a big day of supporting you through the day. Talking about relieving pressure points, latex mattresses are the undoubtedly best! To delineate it, our mattresses allows you to sleep much longer without hindering your sleep and you having to wake up during the night, as you remain most comfortable at all times

2. Most breathable – warm in winter and cool in the summers

Latex mattresses are highly breathable comparatively with other comfort materials. Tests have revealed that the usual mattresses tend to get unbearably hot through-out the seasons. On the other hand, latex mattresses allow greater amount of air to pass through the mattress. This in turn, allows the comfort material that we at Thomsen have to offer, to breathe and hence, to create and equally maintain the most comfortable sleep temperature during all times. So, now you can sleep warm in the winters and cool in summers.

Hypoallergenic – bid adieu to dust mites

The high breathability of the latex mattress doesn’t allow dust mites to get accumulated. We at Thomsen would like to clarify that although natural latex is inherently hypoallergenic, the regular flow of the air ensures that the comfort material dry at all times. It is a known fact that dust mites need dark and damp places to nest in, which you won’t have to worry about with a latex mattress. Comparing the latexes, the one that thomsen has to offer is Talalay Latex. Studies reveal that it is 4 time more breathable than the other latex- Dunlop latex.

Go sustainable- the eco-friendly choice

We at Thomsen as one of the leading mattress brands and researchers can say that latex mattresses are the best in terms of environment. Organic latex mattresses are even better. Since, they are fashioned out of natural latex, delineating it means it is biodegradable and comes from sustainable, transparent and fair sources.

The Talalay latex that Thomsen offers is the epitome of natural and healthy latex mattress. Every bit of it is derived from sustainable sources, also no artificial fillers or additives are used to produce it. Also, the production of it takes up more carbon dioxide released!

Safe for you, safe for the planet

Off-gassing has gained a lot of conjecture within the mattress industry. Allow the team of Thomsen to clarify, when tiny bits of the comfort material installed in the mattress gets carried out of the it and mixes into the air that we breathe. This can be highly toxic to say the least, depending upon the quality of comfort material you sleep on. With natural latex mattresses however, we at Thomsen can vouch that you won’t have to worry about that at all as they do not off-gas.

Studies have revealed that the mattress we at Thomsen offer has a toxicity score of zero. As a matter of fact, our natural comfort material has been awarded with several certificated proving it to be the best choice for the planet and for YOU!

We at Thomsen hope we were able to demystify how talalay latex is the best choice.

Author is Anil Gupta, Chairman, Thomsen Germany, who is an expert in the mattress and pillow industry.
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